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I'm at home in front of my television with a spectacular cold and a tall, frosty glass of diet coke.  Over the past six hours, I've been plagued with the recurrent suspicion that this is all some cosmic rope-a-dope, and Sarah Palin is going to kick some serious ass.  I think that's just the fever talking.

Meanwhile, the event is also being liveblogged by Alex Massie and the crew over at Culture11.  Let the games begin . . .

10:30  After running ahead for most of the debate, the Sarah Palin has now fallen narrowly behidn on most of the analyst scoring.  Suspect last impressions are most important.  I sure can't remember what we were talking about an hour ago.

10:28  Gwen Ifill asks if there's a time when they've been forced to change their mind about a policy issue.  Suspect she ran out of time and started copying questions out of Human Resources for Dummies.

10:26  After this election, I am going to have to hit myself in the head with a small hammer to get the monotonous thrum of the word "maverick" out of my head.

10:24  Joe Biden too, offers for the "Rambling Grandpa" style of response.  Still waiting for him to say that he's too much of a perfectionist, or has trouble delegating.

10:21  Not content with the earlier blather, Gwen Ifill actually asks them what their greatest weakness is.  Sarah Palin rambles about how great America is.  Has she forgotten the question?  Because I'm having trouble remembering what we're supposed to be talking about.  The persuadables, however, love it.  On topic responses are for weaklings!

10:17  Gwen Ifill says "The constitution might give the Vice President more power than that office has had in the past".  Is this some sort of Zen Koan whose intricate mysteries will be unveiled only after years of reflection?

10:14  Sarah Palin name checks, like, every teacher in the United States, including Biden's wife, in talking about the future of American education.  The crowd goes wild.

10:12  Joe Biden says, in re economic problems, "All you have to do is walk into Home Depot with me, where I spend a lot of time . . . "  Me Big Man!  Me Like Big Power tools!  Did I mention I have some REALLY big tools?   

I thought that was Joe Biden I saw regrouting the Capital Hill masonry last week . . .

10:11  I take it back--Palin boldly says they disagree about ANWR, and uses it to press the idea that she pushes McCain on the issue and he's never asked her to check her opinions at the door.  Then she launches into laudatory blather, similar to Biden's.  Both sets of blather poll really, really well.

10:09  Gwen Ifill asks how a Biden administration would be different from an Obama administration.  This is an interesting question, but it's pointless, like asking interviewees to name their biggest flaw.  All they're going to do is reiterate how awesome their candidate is.

10:00 Joe Biden:  "John McCain voted against the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty that every Republican supported".  I can't quite put my finger on it, but I think the math is off somewhere . . .

9:59  Is she mispronouncing Kim Jong Il's name, or am I?

9:57  Palin loves Israel too!  Big hugs for Israel!  I'm waiting for one of them to break into Havah Negillah.

9:55  Biden claims that this administration's Israel policy has been an abject failure.  Unlike, you know, all those earlier presidents who found simple and effective resolutions to the conflict.

9:50  Once again, Iran bashing is much more popular than Iraq.  Time to throw out that tatty old war you've been wearing for years and get something new, stylish, now.

9:45  The incestuous nature of this race is causing problems for everyone.  Joe Biden has to deal with the fact that he and Obama are from opposite wings of their party, and hence have fired a bunch of pot shots at each other--I'm reminded of the line about Lloyd Bentsen (Mondale's Dukakis' VP [oops, was watching the old Ferraro-Bush debates this morning and appear to have Mondale on the mind], for the young or forgetful), that he was only in the Democratic party to keep the Republicans from being embarassed by his ties to big business.  Meanwhile, Sarah Palin has to bash Obama on votes that McCain supported.  It's like watching an election for president of my grandmother's DAR chapter.

9:42  Iraq is clearly a losing issue for McCain; merely saying that he wants to win tanks the ratings.  The winning issue appears to be gay marriage and hating on bankers.  It is, however, one of the few issues where she does better with men.

9:41  Joe Biden's political differences with Obama start to hurt, as she uses his words against Obama's votes on the matter.

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