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Following up on Jon's post below: it's nice that the Matts have super-sensitive antennae to John McCain's coded racial appeals (so coded, only .00001% of the population gets the subliminal message!). To return the favor, however, didn't Hillary Clinton make the most obvious racial appeal of the past 48 hours when she compared herself to Rocky Balboa? A white underdog challenging a flashy, well-spoken, African-American member of the overclass?

It would be entertaining to play this metaphor out to its logical conclusion, however. I think the following sequence of events would have to happen:

I) Obama narrowly defeats Clinton for the 2008 nomination, despite Clinton being perceived as the more deserving candidate;

II) Clinton narrowly defeats Obama for the 2012 nomination, despite suspending her campaign for a few months due to Bill Clinton's brief food coma;

III) Obama, now retired from politics, comes back as Hillary's campaign manager, teaches her to passably say, "Yes we can!" Hillary ultimately rejects this strategy, but still wins the presidency through the brilliant strategy of getting the GOP candidate to exhaust himself through negative campaigning;

IV) Clinton vanquishes Russia on behalf of the good old U.S. of A after Vladimir Putin brutally kills Obama in what was supposed to be a press conference.

V and VI) No one cares....

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