Brendan Galvin

  • Flute

    Tapper and tinkerer, whenever.back in the trees a bird be singing, See see me, it drew you out of the rhythms.of your work. Time and…

  • A Note from the Spadefoot Toads

    When it seems less like a song. than a drunk hooting gibberish. in a culvert somewhere, stubborn. and unwilling to come clean, forget the winged…

  • The Mice

    This morning in the cold shed. I unlocked two from traps. with a trowel, freeing them for. the brushpile, where overnight. something will recycle…

  • A Mile Down the Road From Home

    Hear the author read this poem I’ve caught myself. whistling a bumpy version. of “Take the A Train,” and only. because this…

  • Seed Packet

    Hear the author read this poem (in RealAudio) In three months' time it will though you bought.a 99-cent ticket to the Big Top:a small…

  • An Explanation

    AN EXPLANATION by Brendan Galvin. While you were. at the post office, twenty-five-six-seven. quail flowed through. your garden,…

  • Listening to the Garden

    Look at it this way: under the brass fanfare. of their blossoms, all those zucchinis. are really incipient oompahs. And the peavine tremolos?…


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