Belinda Chang

Belinda Chang joined Danny Meyer's restaurant The Modern as wine director in November 2007. She has been recognized by Food & Wine for her outstanding wine lists and nominated for the James Beard Foundation's "Outstanding Wine Service" Award. More

Recognized by Food & Wine for her outstanding wine lists, nominated for the James Beard Foundation's"Outstanding Wine Service" Award, and a national TV veteran, Belinda Chang joined Danny Meyer's restaurant The Modern as wine director in November 2007. Previously, she ruled the wine cellars of Chicago's top restaurants (Charlie Trotter's, Rick Tramonto's Osteria Via Stato) and San Francisco's Fifth Floor restaurant. Belinda has authored the wine notes for three cookbooks, including Charlie Trotter's Meat and Game and Rick Tramonto's Fantastico! and Osteria Cookbook, and she has written for several national publications. She has appeared on-stage educating restaurateurs, wine directors, and wine lovers at The National Restaurant Association Show, The Food and Wine Aspen Classic, and The Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. She has also appeared on wine segments on CBS, NBC, and ABC in addition to hosting an episode of The Fine Living Network's "We Live Here" show. Her expertise can also be found in The New York Times, where she is a member of the tasting panel, Wine and Spirits Magazine, and The Sommelier Journal. A Chicago native, Belinda studied biochemistry at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

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