Wendell Berry
Wendell Berry is a farmer, an activist, and the author of numerous essays, poems, novels, and short stories. He has received the National Humanities Medal, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Lannan Literary Award, among other honors. He lives in Kentucky.
  • Farmland Without Farmers

    As industrial agriculture replaces men with machines, the American landscape loses its stewards, and the culture they built.

  • The 50-Year Farm Bill

    American agriculture's land "emergency," and how to solve it

  • Sold

    “I knew that all the things we’d gathered there so many years would be scattered and gone. All that had held it together would come apart and be gone as if it never was.”

  • Stand By Me

    What Jarrat had in his life were sorrow, stubbornness, silence, and work. So when his sons needed him most, their daddy didn’t have much to offer.

  • Out of Your Car, Off Your Horse

    Twenty-seven propositions about global thinking and the sustainability of cities