Robert Kessler
  • Cash Withdrawal Limits Will Last Weeks More for Cypriots

    As banks reopened in the beleaguered island nation of Cyprus Thursday, account holders were told daily limits on cash withdrawals would last only a week. But just kidding, according to the government, it could be a month before Cypriots are allowed full access to their bank accounts

  • James Holmes Might Get Away with Not Dying

    Accusing the Colorado movie theater shooter's defense team of drumming up publicity and seeking a plea deal bargain that takes advantage of his potential insanity, state attorneys prosecuting the movie James Holmes have rejected an offer by his attorneys earlier this week to plead guilty. But it may not work.

  • Why Aren't Cameras Allowed at the Supreme Court Again?

    This week, the news cycles has been consumed by the Supreme Court's oral arguments on two closely-watched legal battles in recent history, but unlike virtually every other news story on the planet these days, there were no images or videos because cameras are not allowed in Supreme Court proceedings.

  • Will Learning Adam Lanza's Motive Make Us Feel Any Better?

    Since the morning of Dec. 14 last year authorities have kept a tight lid on how much information was made public during the investigation into the Sandy Hook massacre. Thursday morning that will change. A court order to seal several documents related to the case is set to expire and when it does, the documents will be released.