Mark Bowden
Mark Bowden is an Atlantic national correspondent. His most recent book is The Finish: The Killing of Osama bin Laden. More +
  • Reviving the Beatles

    Beatles fan Mark Bowden chats with Pat Dinizio about his band's new Beatles tribute album, "Meet the Smithereens"

  • The Ploy

    The inside story of how the interrogators of Task Force 145 cracked Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s inner circle—without resorting to torture—and hunted down al-Qaeda’s man in Iraq

  • Jihadists in Paradise

    A kidnapping at a Philippine resort triggered a yearlong hunt for pirate terrorists and their American hostages. A behind-the-scenes tale of intrigue, spycraft, and betrayal

  • The Desert One Debacle

    In April 1980, President Jimmy Carter sent the Army’s Delta Force to bring back fifty-three American citizens held hostage in Iran. Everything went wrong. The fireball in the Iranian desert took the Carter presidency with it.

  • Cry Wolfe

    In defense of the last writer in the world who needs defending

  • Captivity Pageant

    December 1979: Christmas comes for the Great Satan

  • Mahmoud the Bashful

    For Iran's new president, running from the 1979 hostage-taking is like John Hancock's running from the Declaration. What's his problem?

  • Wolfowitz: The Exit Interviews

    As he prepared to leave office, the deputy secretary of defense engaged in a series of conversations with the author on Iraq, democracy, intelligence, 9/11, and how he believes America must make its way in the world

  • Among the Hostage-Takers

    Twenty-five years ago in Tehran a group of Iranian students stormed the U.S. embassy and took hostage the entire American diplomatic mission—igniting a fifteen-month international crisis whose impact is reverberating still. Now, for the first time, many of the leading hostage-takers speak candidly about their actions—which a surprising number deeply regret

  • News Judgment and Jihad

    Terrorists depend on the cooperation of the media. It's time to stop providing it

  • Lessons of Abu Ghraib

    The photographs were shocking—but the disturbing reality is that for some people they clearly weren't

  • Pompadour With a Monkey Wrench

    Al Sharpton will presumably have a moment in the spotlight at this summer's Democratic convention. But his goal has never been the presidency; he wants to become the leader of Black America. Problem is, that job no longer exists

  • When the Front Page Meets the Big Screen

    Hollywood is not a reliable moral arbiter of anything, so it's not surprising that when it holds a mirror up to journalism, Shattered Glass is the result

  • A Beautiful Mind

    As the Philadelphia Eagles' Hank Fraley demonstrates, the behemoth who snaps the ball must also be one of the most mentally nimble players on the field

  • The Dark Art of Interrogation

    The most effective way to gather intelligence and thwart terrorism can also be a direct route into morally repugnant terrain. A survey of the landscape of persuasion

  • The Kabul-ki Dance

    Inside the cockpit with the pilots and wizzos of the 391st Fighter Squadron, the top guns of America's air war in Afghanistan

  • Tales of the Tyrant

    What does Saddam Hussein see in himself that no one else in the world seems to see? The answer is perhaps best revealed by the intimate details of the Iraqi leader's daily life