Harris Collingwood
Harris Collingwood is a business writer living in New York.
  • The Recovery's Silent Assassin: How Debt Deleveraging Killed the Economy

    What happens when U.S. consumers, businesses, and the federal government all deleverage at the same time? It ain't pretty.

  • Paying Down Debt? Uh-oh.

    What if U.S. consumers, business, and the federal government deleveraged at the same time? Expect slower growth and, for many hard-pressed Americans, a lower standard of living, at least for a while.

  • Tim Wagner/Zuma Press

    Do CEOs Matter?

    Steve Jobs, Apple’s ailing CEO, is scheduled to return to work this month after a six-month leave, but investors are feeling skittish. Every time he sneezes, shares of Apple catch a cold. Can a CEO—even one as talented and visionary as Jobs—really make or break a corporation? Many business scholars have grown skeptical of the idea of chief executive as superhero. Cutting-edge research reveals that while some CEOs clearly do make a big difference, many are merely the most visible cogs in complex machines.