Francis Davis
  • The Singing Epidemic

    All of a sudden everybody wants to be a jazz singer—and a few are actually good at it

  • X Jazz

    The pianist Matthew Shipp is the star of the latter-day free-jazz scene—the only scene in jazz right now with younger faces in the audience

  • A Real Gone Guy

    Even though the saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter never went away, his two recent albums are being hailed as a major comeback

  • God’s Lonely Man

    Johnny Cash was a Christian who didn't cast stones, a patriot who wasn't a bully

  • Storming the Home Front

    Directors of today's war movies, with their insistence on graphic bloodletting and happy endings, should look at the original World War II movies, which were subtly subversive

  • Unironic

    Bill Frisell draws from a wide spectrum of music identified with the American experience&mdashand country music is a persistent echo.

  • Ready for Action

    Despite seeing on television news what used to be confined to action movies, audiences have been flocking to them, perhaps eager for the illusion of control they offer

  • All the President’s Sidemen

    Savvy enough about rhythm

  • Our Lady of Sorrows

    Willfully unaware of the facts of her professional life, listeners persist in thinking that Billie Holiday felt their pain.

  • Pacific Time

    Once the novelty wears off, a vacation spot may prove to be more than just another pretty place.

  • Jazz

    If not exactly a golden age, the seventies was a time of remarkable artistic ferment

  • Napoleon in Rags

    Bob Dylan changed the popular music of his time and the music that followed, and the commercial release of a formerly bootlegged concert recording shows how he did it

  • Swing and Sensibility

    Whatever Frank Sinatra sang, he swung, and his musicianship will endure longer than the swagger that today's singers so admire

  • Not Singing Too Much

    A vocal performance by the pianist and songwriter Dave Frishberg is more like a series of witty asides

  • The Man From Heaven

    The songs of Burt Bacharach are enjoying a revival that seems unlikely only at first hearing.

  • Victim Kitsch

    With its pop sentimentality,

  • Like Young

    Jazz has been attracting its first young audiences in decades -- but are they hearing a music without a future?

  • Bud's Bubble

    The pianist Bud Powell was mad even by bebop's standards

  • His Own Jukebox

    Elvis Presley's career, beginning and end, depended on his extraordinary gifts as a mimic  

  • Man With a Horn

    The indefatigable Dizzy Gillespie symbolizes jazz to audiences and musicians alike