Bruce Hoffman
  • Wars on Terrorism

  • Plan of Attack

    Insurgents in Iraq are forging improbable alliances to fight what some analysts call a "netwar." The United States needs to adapt—and to relearn some old lessons

  • Aftermath

    In Jerusalem cleaning up after a suicide bombing is business as usual

  • The Logic of Suicide Terrorism

    First you feel nervous about riding the bus. Then you wonder about going to a mall. Then you think twice about sitting for long at your favorite café. Then nowhere seems safe. Terrorist groups have a strategy—to shrink to nothing the areas in which people move freely—and suicide bombers, inexpensive and reliably lethal, are their latest weapons. Israel has learned to recognize and disrupt the steps on the path to suicide attacks. We must learn too

  • The Leadership Secrets of Osama bin Laden

    The terrorist as CEO

  • A Nasty Business

    Gathering "good intelligence" against terrorists is an inherently brutish enterprise, involving methods a civics class might not condone. Should we care?

  • New & Noteworthy

    Osama bin Laden's mindset; two extraordinary novels; the peaceful collapse of "The Evil Empire"  

  • One-Alarm Fire

    U.S. counterterrorism may be overly preoccupied with biological weapons—which have a rather poor track record

  • All You Need Is Love

    How the terrorists stopped terrorism