Bing West
  • Decency, Toughness ... and No Shortcuts

    Bing West offers an in-depth consideration of what led to the turnaround in Iraq

  • A Report From Iraq

    Ambushed in Mosul, Bing West visits the last urban redoubt of al Qaeda in Iraq and sees a calmer battlefield—but political troubles ahead

  • Will the Petraeus Strategy Be the Last?

    Bing West, a Marine officer in Vietnam and former assistant secretary of defense, offers a view from Iraq's restive Anbar province on Congress's recent Iraq hearings

  • The First Test of the Surge

    We are about to find out what happens in Iraq after the U.S. troops leave

  • Streetwise

    Whether we ultimately stay or go, we need to contain the burgeoning forces of chaos now—and that requires fixing Iraq’s policing problems. An expert explains how.

  • Blind to Choice

    Bing West, a Marine officer in Vietnam and a former assistant secretary of defense, comments on the military's reaction to the Iraq Study Group Report

  • The Road to Haditha

    How did the heroes of Fallujah come to kill civilians in Haditha? A Vietnam veteran who witnessed the battle of Fallujah says it's too soon to judge the marines—but not the high command