Alex Beam
  • Nova Scotia, Mon Amour

    The province's quirks and inaccessibility are its very charms

  • The Greatest Stories Never Told

    Some of the most delicious unpublished journalism gets passed around like a secret handshake

  • Books About Schnooks

    They are the very models of the modern chief executive

  • Greed On Trial

    The question before the jurors was not whether legal fees amounting to $7,700 an hour were "unreasonable." It was whether the lawyer-plaintiffs should get $1.3 billion more

  • The Mad Poets Society

    McLean Hospital, in Massachusetts, was for years America's most literary mental institution, a place that Sylvia Plath, Robert Lowell, and Anne Sexton knew well

  • Streamlining My Life

    It's not so hard to get help these days, but it's hard to get the help you want.

  • Tabloid Law

    A report from the chaotic fringes of the First Amendment, where publicity collides with privacy and the check-out line leads to the courtroom