Andrew J. Bacevich

Andrew J. Bacevich is a professor of history and international relations at Boston University.

  • The Tyranny of Defense Inc.

    The Tyranny of Defense Inc.

    In 1961, Dwight Eisenhower famously identified the military-industrial complex, warning that the growing fusion between corporations and the armed forces posed a threat to democracy. Judged 50 years later, Ike’s frightening prophecy actually understates the scope of our modern system—and the dangers of the perpetual march to war it has put us on.

  • Give Up on Democracy in Afghanistan

    With American efforts to pacify Afghanistan now in their eighth year and flagging, the Obama administration confronts this question: Is there an…

  • The Petraeus Doctrine

    Iraq-style counterinsurgency is fast becoming the U.S. Army’s organizing principle. Is our military preparing to fight the next war, or the last one?

  • Warrior Politics

    The U.S. military is becoming more politically assertive. This is not a welcome development.


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