Anastatia Curley

Anastatia Curley is the former Communications Coordinator of the Yale Sustainable Food Project. More

Anastatia Curley is the former Communications Coordinator of the Yale Sustainable Food Project. She now lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where she writes, cooks, and caters local and sustainable meals.
  • Cardoons: The Farm's Mystery Vegetable

    The cardoon, a cousin to the artichoke, mystifies school children and confounds farmers.

  • Recipe: Cardoons with Anchovy Vinaigrette

    This simple recipe was adopted from Chez Panisse.

  • This Season's Pizza Topping: Nettles

    Spring is a tough time for finding pizza toppings in the garden, with spinach season over and summer's bounty not yet arrived. Fortunately, nettles, a weed abundant in the springtime, go well with mozzarella. Just watch out for the stingers.

  • Pig Roast, American Slow Food

    There's a lot of talk about the effete, European nature of the slow food movement. But as Yale students work in shifts over the 20 hours it takes to roast a pig, they learn that Slow Food can be fun--and truly American.

  • The Magic of Unheated Greenhouses

    The New England winter is stubborn, and often wears out its welcome. But inside Yale's unheated hoophouse lies a veritable carpet of green. When kids or jaded college students peek beneath the Reemay, they respond with the same breathless enthusiasm.


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Yes, Quidditch Is Real

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